​               <==== Robert L. Perkins ====>

The Turkey’s Lament

On Thanksgiving Day said the Turkey “Belay”
As the Pilgrim his axe did uncover.
“For I’m bound to supply, both to yield and to die,
For a Christmas Day banquet - none other.”

So belay he did do, to the bane of his crew
Who were anxious to sample the bird taste.
And old gobbler was spared from that day’s luncheon fare
Through his quick wit and promise of future baste.

To delay our misfortune is a lesson in torsion
That will wound us with daily contrition.
But the wisdom to be learned is a truth not to spurn
As we seek out our own dear redemption.

For the tab to be paid is so easily made
When we first set out anxious to bargain.
But the passage of time will each morn toll it’s chime
While we daily die pleading for pardon.

So what then is your counsel for yeoman or damsel
Who stare now at onrushing quandary?
Eschew the example, it’s surely poor counsel,
We always will opt for procrastary!

2015 Copyright 2015 – Robert L. Perkins