​               <==== Robert L. Perkins ====>

The Bifurcating “e”

It’s just such a small thing – really,
Barely noticed at all thing – actually.
But one must insert it,
While another must eschew it.
What’s to make of the bifurcating “e”?

Complete your research and you’ll find
Good examples supporting both kinds.
Here an “e” is included,
There an “e” is excluded,
More confusion to clutter your mind.

So whatever one’s best choice may be,
Rest assured there’s no peace one can see,
For the absence or presence
Is a fight with no essence,
Far beyond any rational plea.

Now let each of us choose our own element,
As we stand here below God’s good firmament,
‘Tis the question of ages
That the writer engages
Does an “e” follow “g” within judg(e)ment?

Copyright 2015 - Robert L. Perkins