​               <==== Robert L. Perkins ====>

Reasoning With Rattlesnakes

It began as just a simple thing, a discussion between equals,
A statement here, a proposition there, with no expected sequels.
I said my part, I spoke my mind with clarity quite bold,
But fate jumped up, and slapped me down, and left my praise on hold.

Had I considered all the aspects as the tale unfolded,
I never would have entered in and felt so strong embolded.
But pride must seek a place to speak, to satisfy vainglory,
So on I went, with pure intent, to champion out the story.

It always seems the givens deemed will lead to sudden downfall,
And so it was that very day when I exposed my shortfall.
Presumed I did our dialogue would be grounded in good will,
So unprepared I found myself for deadly battle’s chill.

I bore no armor, sword or shield, as I approached the field.
I knew not of the plans in store for me, nor mine, to yield.
I granted all respect and honor to my shrouded foe.
But through deceit, his plans complete, he marked me out for woe.

An enemy cold is a danger bold when first he is uncovered.
Beware, take heed, he may be more than one may have discovered.
A slithering here, a forked tongue there, begin to be revealed
As focus comes of deception done and duplicity congealed.

It all began in simple plan to dazzle with my reason,
I thought that I could win my foe and celebrate this season.
But rattlesnakes must hiss and rattle, striking at my head.
I came to awe with logic, but he came to make me dead.

2015 Copyright 2015 – Robert L. Perkins