‚Äč               <==== Robert L. Perkins ====>


When runs the joy with babbling gush

Unloosed by favoring fate,
Blindly onward, blindly rush
With naive thrill innate.

To spread the blazing flame of joy
To special lamps and few,
To share, to relish like enjoy
Of feelings bursting new.

Assume contagious bent of mind,
Assume receptive heart,
A not unnatural state to find
Emerging from the dark.

Yet no response, no scaling height,
No witness to declare
How light is light, how bright is bright
With nothing to compare.

Then comes the night to drown the light
In deepest darkest doom,
Wash out the joyous beacon bright
Immersed in silent gloom.

1975 - Copyright 2015 Robert L. Perkins