​               <==== Robert L. Perkins ====>

​Ode To My Lost Love

When first we met, my long lost love, your years were but fifteen,
And I, myself, a couple more than you - my teenage dream.
Our flame burned bright for few short months before it waned unkind,
But here I sit, half-century past, and you still on my mind.

There’s word your life has been quite hard, filled up with grief and pain,
Cruel fate has taken you to task with multiplied disdain.
Would you have made a different choice, if fickle life allowed?
That is your cross to bear my love with tearful heart unbowed.

I wish you well, I pray for you each birthday that rolls by.
You cross my mind from time to time and make me softly sigh
Old Whittier’s lament in verse of sad words, tongue and pen
The saddest are these, to you my love, of what “it might have been”.

Were fate to deal a vicious hand and we should meet again,
My memories would surely die and with them “might-have-been”.
I’d rather keep the fantasy, love’s unrequited pains
Than see you now with lifetime-scars as certain sadness reigns.

I’ll leave you now in fond regard, all young and warm and bright,
With golden ringlets, perfect smile of innocent delight.
You haven’t aged a single day, I see you now as then,
A distant, longing of my youth, an image I can’t win.

May I return some future day to visit you once more?
To hold your hand, to touch your face, to kiss you at your door,
To hear your laugh, to watch the sunlight dance upon your hair,
Please wait for me. I’ll call again, my love, forever fair.

So precious are the memories that link us to the past,
They bless and haunt us day by day and hold our saneness fast.
Remembering our joy and pain and humanness so true,
And that, dear long lost love of mine is all I ask of you.

2015 Copyright 2015 – Robert L. Perkins