​               <==== Robert L. Perkins ====>

Nadir Squared – No Recourse

When worlds collide and dreams crash down
And all the fury boils unbound,
Spilled out full measure brim to dreg
With shattered staves of ruptured keg.
I look inside my twisted soul
And ask my God to make me whole.

When lightning strikes inside my brain
And demons dance to fan the flame
That burns my cells to blackest char
And healing leaves this cancered scar.
I gaze inside my twisted soul
And ask my God to make me whole.

When years prepared are wasted dead,
And aim and purpose both have fled
This empty shell that binds my mind
Tortures my nerves and leaves me blind
To all but selfish passion’s hold
That grips my sense with strength untold
To steal my peace from outstretched hands
And make me ever less a man.

When endless waves do rise and break
Against the shore of gloomy fate,
And beat each grain with ceaseless roar
That comes on steady, more on more
‘Til each succumbs the drowning gate
While swept below to unknown fate.
I raise my face with question hard,
“What means this desperate, unclaimed ward?”

Who answers back from reasoned lore
With words full pregnant, rich, and more?
No voice I hear, no welcome arms,
No kind embrace, or kiss of warm.
Yet on I stumble deaf and blind,
Besought by trouble fore and hind,
To seek the misty cloud before,
I know not what… Forevermore.

When what is left to nurture life,
To end this all-consuming strife,
To loose the bonds of instant slave
From haughty, hellish, human crave?
With lowered head and severed heart,
With deepest need again I start
To crawl inside my twisted soul
And beg my God to make me whole.

1969 Copyright 2015 – Robert L. Perkins